Community Supported Brewery (CSB)

When we say we are a community supported brewery, we are not only talking about our involvement in the local area, we are also referring to our Community Supported Brewery (CSB) membership program. The CSB program is loosely based on the community supported agriculture model (CSA). Traditionally, Farm CSAs sell produce shares and in exchange the customer receives a box of fresh produce each week at prices lower than the market rate. Our model is similar except we offer shares of beer to our customers. Members will also receive taproom discounts, merchandise, and are invited to attend member-only events!


In addition to the monthly subscription, we reserve special benefits just for our members. Our CSB memberships will run in 12 month (full) increments and members can choose to receive one or two growlers based on their membership. Along with monthly growler fills, a CSB membership will include discounts on merchandise and beer purchases. We will also have member-only beer releases and members will be invited to an annual member appreciation event.

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Limited Memberships

CSB memberships will be limited. We anticipate that they will sell quickly, and it will be first come first serve to who obtains a membership. Having a membership also put you in line to have first dibs on a membership the following year.

Intermission Beer Company

CSB Terms and Conditions

By signing up for a Swinging Bridge Community Supported Brewing (“CSB”) membership, you or any person for whom you are purchasing the membership must understand and agree to the following Terms of Membership.

Terms of Membership :
  • Your paid membership entitles you to monthly receive the quantity of beer indicated for the level of membership that you have chosen.
  • If you miss a month of refilling your growler, you cannot make up for it the next month.
  • You can split a single month’s amount into any combination of growler sizes and cans.
  • Current members are guaranteed spots for the next round of subscriptions, as long as paid by due date.
  • CSB memberships will begin the month you sign up and will be a duration of 12 months.
  • All sales are final: no refunds or exchanges given.
  • CSB subscriptions are for consumers only, wholesale customers cannot purchase memberships.
  • You can buy a subscription as a gift, as long as the person is 21 years of age, and you are 21 years of age.
  • Intermission Beer Company reserves the right to terminate a membership at anytime for any legal reason whatsoever. Any terminated member may receive a prorated sale of value of remaining products not received.
  • I understand that membership applications and these terms of membership make up the agreement between myself the applicant and Intermission Beer Company. To the extent that any materials are inconsistent with these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall control the agreement.
  • Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be governed by the Virginia Law, and parties will agree to share costs of any requested mediation equally.



All subscriptions must be picked up at the Intermission Beer Company Taproom. You can pick up your share during business hours any time between the first and last day of each month.
Bring an ID and have staff look up your name. The subscription holder is the only person allowed to pick up, unless otherwise arranged prior to pick up.
Our standard pricing for a 64oz growler fill will be between $18-$22 and special limited release beers above $20. CSB memberships will include all beers up to $20. Our limited release beers (more than $20) will not be available as part of the CSB subscription.
The listed subscription cost includes one or two standard 64 oz growler. For an additional growler you can buy more at glass cost. You should bring back your growler each month clean and in good condition to be refilled.
We are happy to fill other growlers (that have a surgeon general’s warning, and are clean and in good condition) with our taps/draft system.
Members receive a 10% discount on merchandise purchases. We will also host events for members only. Our goal is to make this a partnership with our members. We encourage your feedback, and will look forward to seeing you each month!
Individuals who are members of the CSB at the time subscriptions go on sale will have a chance to renew before any new members join the CSB.
Community Supported Brewery Memberships are available for purchase anytime they are available. Shares become available by current members not renewing or additional shares being released.
Payment is due at the same time you buy your membership.
If you get more than one growler per month, you can pick up one at a time and bring in your growler to be filled. You can also pick up anyway that works for you if you purchase/bring additional growlers. (i.e if you choose the 2 growler per month level, you can get 2 at once if you provide all the growlers to fill.)
Shares must be picked up during each month of your subscription. We cannot accommodate if, for example, members skip a month, and then hope to pick up extra the following month.
Yes! If purchasing a subscription as a gift you are required, at time of purchase, to designate the person for whom you are purchasing it. Both parties must be at least 21 years of age.
CSB members shall be made aware of the risks attendant to supporting a true community brewery. These are risks that all small businesses take, as well as agricultural supply risks, and using local available ingredients. This may delay the delivery of products slightly different than expected. Intermission Beer Company will try to exceed expectations and minimize risk whenever possible.
You can attend if you were a member during that calendar year.
All sales final, no refunds or exchanges will be given.

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